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Our Story

Farley's Market Corporation started its operation in 2013. Creating a business around the delivery of Costco products to underserved markets in great locations is where the business began. Today Farley's is an endless aisle online marketplace where consumers shop for any Costco and Kirkland branded items. The marketplace has been very well received by the consumer and has allowed the corporation to embark on building brick and mortar retail locations. You can learn more about the Farley's Market story on our About Us page.  

Our Services

Farley's Market is a membership based business Powered by Costco Products. Our site has over 4,000 Costco items and is updated daily. We sell organic foods, meats, fruits and vegetables, paper towels, office supplies, pet foods, televisions, and diapers. You can buy any item from us that you would find in a Costco warehouse store, Costco Business Center or We even take specialty and bulk orders. You can learn more about services in the in the FAQ section. 

Our Business Philosophy

We believe a focus on the execution of the business model and a steadfast adherence to our guiding principles of integrity, customer service and doing what's right shape the corporate culture. Delivering value to the consumer at the lowest possible price and the highest level of quality is our goal.  You can reach us by email at [email protected]